turning data into assets





we have developed an open analytics platform to support the the data monetization life cycle in an agile manner, from exploratory data analysis to streaming analytics.

we use open source python based analytics packages bundled together into docker containers which can be deployed on cloud services or on customer premises.

analytics services are then exposed through rest apis for data ingestion and asset delivery to/from customers.






our customer engagement process drives customers' intuitions on their own data into assets with measurable value.

phases 1 and 2 are targetted at building evidence and confidence on extracting value from discovered data assets. they produce an analytics contract defining the hows, whats and whens data is to be transformed into assets.

phases 3 and 4 constitute the full integration of analytics into the customers' value chain. all phases are supported by our open data analytics platform.





this is a sample of projects we've worked on. data is anonymized for confidentiality

supply chain optimization
efficiency of descent operations
satellite detection
on satellite imagery

quality control on production
online reputation
geolocalized social networks

tweet analysis
object detection
in Google Street view imagery
arbitrage opportunity detection